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Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord , 1st Prince of Benevento, then 1st Prince of Talleyrand, was a laicized French bishop, politician, and diplomat. After theology studies, he became in 1780 Agent-General of the Clergy and represented the Catholic Church to the French Crown. He worked at the highest levels of successive French governments, most commonly as foreign minister or in some other diplomatic capacity. His career spanned the regimes of Louis XVI, the years of the French Revolution, Napoleon, Louis XVIII, and Louis-Philippe. Those he served often distrusted Talleyrand but, like Napoleon, found him extremely useful. The name "Talleyrand" has become a byword for crafty, cynical diplomacy.

Birth: 1754-02-02

Died: 1838-05-17

Nickname: Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Profession: Clergyman, diplomat

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Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Quotes