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Eric Banadinović , known professionally as Eric Bana , is an Australian actor and comedian. He began his career in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal before gaining critical recognition in the comedy-drama The Castle and the biographical crime film Chopper . After a decade of roles in Australian TV shows and films, Bana gained Hollywood's attention for his performance in the war film Black Hawk Down and the title character in the Ang Lee's Marvel Comics film Hulk . He has since played Hector in the movie Troy , the lead in Steven Spielberg's historical drama and political thriller Munich , Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl , and the villain Nero in the science-fiction film Star Trek, and Henry De Tamble in The Time Traveler's Wife . Since 2010, he played Erik Heller in the action adventure thriller Hanna , Lt. Cmdr. Erik S. Kristensen in the war film Lone Survivor and in the following year he played police sergeant Ralph Sarchie in the horror film Deliver Us from Evil.

Birth: 1968-08-09

Nickname: Eric Banadinović

Occupation: Actor, comedian

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