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James A. Baldwin

James A. Baldwin

James A. "Jim" Baldwin was an American football player, track athlete, coach of football, basketball, and baseball, and college athletics administrator. He served as the head football coach at Rhode Island State College—now the University of Rhode Island, the University of Maine, Trinity College in Durham, North Carolina—now Duke University, Lehigh University, and Wake Forest University, compiling a career college football record of 41–32–14. Baldwin was also the head basketball coach at the same five schools, amassing a career college basketball mark of 85–66. In addition he served as the head baseball coach at Rhode Island State and at Lehigh, tallying a career college baseball record of 32–25–1. From 1916 to 1919, Baldwin was the athletic director at Rhode Island while he coached three sports.

Birth: 1886-05-26

Died: 1964-08-02

Nickname: James A. Baldwin

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