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Joseph Wapner

Joseph Wapner

Joseph Albert Wapner was an American judge and television personality. He was the first presiding judge of the ongoing reality court show The People's Court. The court show's first run in syndication, with Wapner presiding as judge, lasted from 1981 to 1993, for 12 seasons and 2,484 episodes. While the show's second run has been presided over by multiple judges, Wapner was the sole judge to preside during the court show's first run. His tenure on the program made him the first jurist of arbitration-based reality court shows, which are now a most popular trend in the judicial genre.

Birth: 1919-11-15

Died: 2017-02-26

Nickname: Joseph Albert Wapner

Occupation: Judge, television personality

Known for: The People's Court

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Joseph Wapner Quotes