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Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner is an American inventor, entrepreneur, and television personality. She is best known as a cast member of the reality TV show Shark Tank and has been called "one of the most prolific inventors of our time”. Also known as "The Queen of QVC" and the “Warm Blooded Shark”. She has also appeared on Shark Tank spin-off, Beyond the Tank. Since 1998, she has had a program on QVC called Clever & Unique Creations Show. She is also president and founder of the Chicago company For Your Ease Only, Inc., which she established in 1996 and which does product development and marketing. She has invented more than 600 products and today helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch theirs. She holds 120 U.S. and foreign patents.

Birth: 1969-12-09

Nickname: Lori Greiner

Occupation: Inventor, entrepreneur, television personality, author, investor

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Lori Greiner Quotes


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