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Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg

Serge Gainsbourg was a French singer, songwriter, pianist, film composer, poet, painter, screenwriter, writer, actor, and director. Regarded as one of the most important figures in French popular music, he was renowned for his often provocative and scandalous releases, as well as his diverse artistic output, which embodied genres ranging from jazz, mambo, world, chanson, pop and yé-yé, to rock and roll, progressive rock, reggae, electronic, disco, new wave, and funk. Gainsbourg's varied musical style and individuality make him difficult to categorize although his legacy has been firmly established and he is often regarded as one of the world's most influential popular musicians.

Birth: 1928-04-02

Died: 1991-03-02

Nickname: Lucien Ginsburg

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, pianist, poet, painter, screenwriter, writer, actor, director

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Serge Gainsbourg Quotes


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