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Sharon Begley

Sharon Begley

Sharon Begley is an American journalist who is the senior science writer for Stat, the publication from The Boston Globe that covers stories related to the life sciences. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in 1977, where she regularly contributed articles to the Yale Scientific Magazine. She has written recurring columns and feature articles in several mainstream publications on a wide variety of scientific topics. Begley is also an author and speaks at universities and gatherings of both professional and community organizations. Her topics include the neuroplasticity of the brain, issues affecting science journalism, education, and other topics she has researched during her career. She has appeared on radio and television to discuss the topics covered in her articles and books. A prolific writer, Begley has attracted both praise and criticism.

Birth: 1956-06-14

Nickname: Sharon Begley

Occupation: Columnist, journalist, author

Known for: writing about science, technology, and medicine in major publications such as, Newsweek, and, The Wall Street Journal

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Sharon Begley Quotes


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