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Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin

Stephen Robert Irwin , nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter", was an Australian zookeeper, conservationist and television personality. Irwin achieved worldwide fame from the television series The Crocodile Hunter , an internationally broadcast wildlife documentary series which he co-hosted with his wife Terri; the couple also hosted the series, Croc Files , The Crocodile Hunter Diaries , and New Breed Vets . They also owned and operated Australia Zoo, founded by Irwin's parents in Beerwah, about 80 kilometres north of the Queensland state capital city of Brisbane.

Birth: 1962-02-22

Died: 2006-09-04

Nickname: Stephen Robert Irwin

Occupation: Naturalist, Zoologist, Conservationist, Television personality, Herpetologist

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Steve Irwin Quotes


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