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  • Name: Ambrose
  • Died: 04/04/0397
  • Born: unknown

Aurelius Ambrosius (c.?340 – 397), better known in English as Ambrose (/ˈæmbrz/), an Archbishop of Milan, became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century. He served as the Roman governor of Liguria and Emilia, headquartered in Milan, before popular acclamation propelled him into becoming Bishop of Milan in 374. Ambrose staunchly opposed Arianism.

Birth Name: Aurelius Ambrosius

Alias: Aurelius Ambrosius

Birth Place: Augusta Treverorum,, Gallia Belgica, Roman Empire, (now Trier, Germany)

Death Place: Mediolanum,, Roman Italy, Roman Empire, (now Milan, Italy)

Source: Wikipedia

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