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Ameen Rihani (Amīn Fāris Anṭūn ar-Rīḥānī) (Arabic: أمين الريحاني? / ALA-LC: Amīn ar-Rīḥānī; Freike, Lebanon, November 24, 1876-September 13, 1940), was a Lebanese American writer, intellectual and political activist. He was also a major figure in the mahjar literary movement developed by Arab emigrants in North America, and an early theorist of Arab nationalism. He became an American citizen in 1901.

Birth Name: Amīn Fāris Anṭūn ar-Rīḥānī

Birth Place: Freike, Mount Lebanon, Ottoman Syria

Death Place: Freike, Lebanon

Website: http://www.AmeenRihani.org

Source: Wikipedia

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