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Donald Cargill

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Donald Cargill
  • Name: Donald Cargill
  • Died: 07/27/1681
  • Born: 1619
  • Occupation: pastor
  • Known for: Covenanter

Donald Cargill (1619 – 27 July 1681) was a Scottish Covenanter who worked to uphold the principles of the National Covenant of 1638 and Solemn League and Covenant of 1643 to establish and defend Presbyterianism. He was born around 1619, and was the eldest son of Laurence Cargill of Bonnytoun, Rattray, Perthshire, a notary public, and Marjory Blair. He was educated perhaps at University of Aberdeen and at the University of St Andrews, where he matriculated as a student of St Salvator’s College in 1645. He was licensed by the Presbytery of St Andrews on 13 April 1653 and was ordained in 1655. He was later deprived by the Privy Council, on 1 October 1662, for disobeying the Act of Parliament in not keeping a day of thanksgiving for His Majesty’s Restoration, and not obtaining presentation and collation from the archbishop before 20 September. He was ordered at the same time to remove beyond the Tay before 1 November under penalties. Disregarding this sentence, he was charged to appear before the Council on 7 January 1669, and appointed to continue in his confinement, but on petition he was allowed to visit Edinburgh about law affairs. He refused an indulgence at
Eaglesham on 3 September 1672. On 16 July 1674 a decreet was passed against him for holding conventicles. In 1679 he joined Richard Cameron in founding the Cameronians (afterwards the Reformed Presbyterians), who embodied their principles in a Declaration at Sanquhar, on 22 June 1680, disowning the king’s authority. A reward of 3000 merks was offered for his apprehension, dead or alive. For excommunicating at Torwood in September 1680 Charles II., James, Duke of York, and others, the Privy Council increased the reward to 5000 merks. After numerous hair-breadth escapes he was apprehended at Covington Mill, Lanarkshire, during the night of 12 July 1681 by a party of dragoons led by James Irving of Bonshaw (who got the reward). Tried for treason before the High Court of Justiciary, he
was found guilty, and executed at the Cross of Edinburgh with four others [Walter Smith, William Cuthil, William
Thomson, James Boig], 27 July 1681. His forfeiture was rescinded by Act of Parliament 4 July 1690. He married Margaret (died 12 Aug. 1656, within a year and a day of their marriage), daughter of Nicol Brown, burgess of Edinburgh, widow of Andrew Bethune of Blebo.

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