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Georges Cuvier

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Georges Cuvier
  • Name: Georges Cuvier
  • Born: 08/23/1769
  • Died: 05/13/1832 (62 years old)
  • Known for: Le Règne Animal; establishing the fields of stratigraphy and comparative anatomy, and the principle of faunal succession in the fossil record; making extinction an accepted scientific phenomenon; opposing theories of evolution

Jean Léopold Nicolas Frédéric, Baron Cuvier (French:[kyvje]; 23 August 1769 – 13 May 1832), known as Georges Cuvier, was a French naturalist and zoologist, sometimes referred to as the “founding father of paleontology”. Cuvier was a major figure in natural sciences research in the early 19th century and was instrumental in establishing the fields of comparative anatomy and paleontology through his work in comparing living animals with fossils. He is also known for his ideas about the supposed scientific differences between races and for his abuse of Sarah Baartman as part of this ‘work’.

Birth Place: Montbéliard, County of Montbéliard, Holy Roman Empire

Death Place: Paris, Kingdom of France

Source: Wikipedia

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