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Roger Penrose

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Roger Penrose
  • Name: Roger Penrose
  • Born: 08/08/1931 (89 years old)
  • Known for: Twistor theory, Spin network, Abstract index notation, Black hole bomb, Geometry of spacetime, Cosmic censorship, Weyl curvature hypothesis, Penrose inequalities, Penrose interpretation of quantum mechanics, Moore–Penrose pseudoinverse, Newman–Penrose formalism, Penrose diagram, Penrose inequality, Penrose process, Penrose tiling, Penrose stairs, Penrose graphical notation, Penrose transform, Penrose-Terrell effect, pp-wave spacetime, Schrödinger–Newton equations, Orch-OR/Penrose–Lucas argument, FELIX experiment, Trapped surface, Andromeda paradox, Conformal cyclic cosmology

Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS (born 8 August 1931) is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science. He is Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, an emeritus fellow of Wadham College, Oxford and an honorary fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge.

Awards: Adams Prize, Heineman Prize, Fellow of the Royal Society, Eddington Medal, Royal Medal, Wolf Prize, Dirac Medal, Albert Einstein Medal, Naylor Prize and Lectureship, James Scott Prize Lectureship, Karl Schwarzschild Medal, De Morgan Medal, Copley Medal, Fonseca Prize

School: University College, London, St John’s College, Cambridge

Birth Place: Colchester, England

Source: Wikipedia

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