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Xun Kuang

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Xun Kuang
  • Name: Xun Kuang
  • Born: c. 310 BC
  • Died: c. 235 BC (aged 74–75)
  • Occupation: Confucian philosopher, writer

Xun Kuang (/ˈʃn ˈkwɑːŋ/; Chinese: 荀況; pinyin: Xún Kuàng [ɕy?nkʰwa?ŋ]; c. 310? c. 235 BC, alt. c. 314? c. 217 BC), also widely known as Xunzi (/ˈʃnˈdz/; Chinese: 荀子; pinyin: Xúnzǐ; Wade–Giles: Hsün-tzu, “Master Xun”), was a Chinese Confucian philosopher and writer who lived during the Warring States period and contributed to the Hundred Schools of Thought. A book known as the Xunzi is traditionally attributed to him. His works survive in an excellent condition, and were a major influence in forming the official state doctrines of the Han dynasty, but his influence waned during the Tang dynasty relative to that of Mencius.

Birth Place: State of Zhao

Death Place: State of Chu

Source: Wikipedia

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