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Anything worth dying for is certainly worth living for.

Joseph Heller

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The quote “Anything worth dying for is certainly worth living for.” is from the famous book “Catch 22“:

It comes from the old man who confronted Nately, and somehow managed to twist every patriotic belief he possess.

That took place in Rome, where the Yossarian’s crew is spending their leave. There we see Nately has fallen in love with a prostitute.

On his way to her brothel, Nately got confronted by an old man, who made unpatriotic remarks that surely offended Nately.

Nately, of course, began to argue. He soon got flustered as everything he says the old man turns back on its head.

Nately is super patriotic and of course naive, like most young men. He believes that America is worth dying for because it is worth living for.

Critiquing not only Nately but also war itself, the old man creates an inverse of the saying—and it seems to make a lot more sense.

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